Russell T.I. Hotel

Built in 1907 by prominent Vancouver architects Dalton and Eveleigh, the Russell Hotel contributes significantly to the distinctive form seen in downtown New Westminster during the years 1898 to 1913. The building was constructed in a spirit of civic boosterism, and enjoyed status as the finest hotel in the City. The builder, E.J. Fader, a local business leader and owner of the Torpedo Towing and Tug Company, was particularly proud of the extensive plate glass frontages on Carnarvon and Alexander Streets.
Russel T.I. rehabilitation consisted of three stages: heritage consulting for an exterior restoration, a main floor tenant improvement, and a basement tenant improvement. The west facade was restored from a previous, insensitive renovation. Wood windows were reinstated in the original profile and configuration. The basement T.I. transformed an underutilized space into a multi-level, bright commercial space with historically sensitive detailing and fixtures.