Lim Sai Hor

Barry McGinn Architect is currently the project architect on the exterior rehabilitation and interior life safety upgrades of the Lim Sai Hor Benevolent Association building in the Chinatown neighbourhood of Vancouver. This 3-storey, non-profit society building rehabilitation project scope included:
• Installation of sprinklers, fire alarms, and upgrades to the electrical distribution system.
• Reinstatement of historic sheet metal upper cornice, pediment and flag pole.
• Reinstatment of the grand triple-arched balcony with new stud lights to match originals.
• New wood storefront at the Carrall Street Facade
• Refurbishment of the existing storefront at the Shanghai Alley facade.
• Fire escape restoration and security upgrades.
• Roof replacement and new sheet metal flashings.
• New glazed wall at third floor balcony to match original.
• Masonry restoration including paint stripping & repointing.
• Restoration and patch repairs to the sheet metal bays on the Shanghai Alley facade.