St. Paul's Hospital

As a result of terra cotta failure and fall to the sidewalk, a study was commissioned to assess the condition and potential public hazard of terra cotta trim on the Burrard Block of St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver. Following a detailed site investigation, a prioritized listing of potentially hazardous terra cotta was developed, based on material condition and proximity to public areas. Commencing in 1998, stabilization techniques included pinning broken blocks to good back-up brick, surface stapling broken blocked to good blocks, surface sealing spalls with a colour matched coating, repointing and addressing root causes of deterioration, such as drainage and flashing failure. During 2000, the top two courses of the Centre Block terra cotta cornice were dismantled, selectively pinned and surface patched, a new terra cotta replacement soffit block installed, and the support slab seismically braced. During 2001/2002 the north wing balconies were entirely stabilized with new or repaired mechanically fastened terra cotta cladding on a stabilized concrete deck. Other stabilization included bracing up-stand gable ends, stabilizing applied balustrades and replacement of 70% of the Burrard Building roof in new metal tile or 2 ply modified bitumen membrane roofing, in order to preclude water ingress and further masonry deterioration